Company Profile

From a cautious beginning in 1996 when Macron was registered as a ‘Private Limited Company’ in Cyprus, now ten years later, by steadily building its expertise and experience, Macron and its associates’ trading operations extend worldwide. In that brief time-span they have successfully undertaken contracts in Africa; North, Central & South America; the Middle East; Europe and the Far East.

In 2001, moving towards broadening their activities and capability within the industry, Macron entered into a 3-year renewable contract with the Egyptian Government (EGPC) to process crude oil at their Al-Nasr Refinery in Suez, thereby having their ‘own refining capacity’. The capacity of this unit is 35,000 barrels per day but an increase is possible by taking-up the excess capacities available in their other refineries.

Macron has a joint-venture partnership with a refinery in Houston, Texas, which is a topping unit that is capable to refine 16,000 barrels per day. The “feedstock” that the refinery receives is primarily from East Texas, Louisiana and some foreign crude oil plus “off spec” oils from most of the major oil refineries in the area, along with slop oils that are generated by local industries in the region. This refinery is 1 of only 3 that are licensed by the State of Texas for this purpose. The unit can also run sour crude oil.

Macron is also active in South China were we have a processing/recycling refinery with a capacity of 200,000 barrels per month. We will be adding a vacuum unit by April 2009. This plant is licensed to import all raw materials except for virgin crude oil.

PDVSA, the Venezuela Government owned oil company, in January 2007 approved Macron Petroleum as a registered purchaser of its crude oil and petroleum products which along with the registration (since 2005) in Colombia with Ecopetrol, Macron can now bid to purchase products from both countries and to purchase crude oil for their processing plant in Egypt.

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